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Dead Nettle Salve (2oz tin)

Dead Nettle Salve (2oz tin)

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Nettle salves are very rich in skin nourishing vitamins, including A, B, C, D and K. 

They help treat arthritis and psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties. 

And it speeds healing, reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, and promotes anti-aging.

Balms contain an oil/fat and beeswax, and are firmer than salves.

And a salve is softer because in addition to the beeswax and oil, there’s also a butter…like Shea.

Both are great to have around and though similar, the applications are different.

So before making a decision on what to craft, think about how you want to use it, to determine if a balm or salve is better for you.

Today, we’re making a nettle salve and crafting medicine in salve, or balm, form, is my absolute favorite way to preserve my herbs.

Actually-my favorite way is infusions.

Because often, infused oils are the first step to any skincare creation!

And it’s quick and easy to do.

Dry your plant (often by simply hanging) and then soak it in oil for several weeks!

That’s it! 

And then it’s preserved and ready to take further into balms, salves, soaps, lotions, and so much more!

I often opt for traditional infusion techniques, as you’ve probably caught on.

But there’s more than one way to make an infusion.

You can also heat your herbs and oils up on the stove, to have your oil ready quicker…

And you can also use one of these fancy contraptions that has an infusion done for you in a matter of hours.

And depending on how quick I need a medicine, depends on what method of infusion I use.

I am not affiliated with @levo-i just use this appliance a lot in our home and personally love it!

Once your infusion is done, crafting it into a salve is just a matter of melting a few more things into it!

And these wildcrafting recipes I share with you, are totally customizable.


7.5 oz nettle oil

4.25 oz beeswax

150 drops peppermint oil

25 drops Juniper oil



  1. Simply melt ingredients together and pour into containers.
  2. Allow to set up.


And that’s it! Happy Saturday and go outside and get to foraging!

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