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Dandelion Infused Tallow Lotion Bars (2oz)

Dandelion Infused Tallow Lotion Bars (2oz)

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So why dandelion infusions?

Well, firstly, we forage whatever is on our farm during that specific season.

And for a bit more of this season, we’re in the dandelion and nettle season!

As an antibacterial, germicide and anti-fungal ingredient, dandelion detoxifies the skin, clears out pores, gets rid of acne and prevents acne breakouts in the future.

It’s hard to find a product that works for acne-prone skin and so many other skin types, but the dandelion is a true miracle worker that way.

So it’s only natural to pair it with a non-comedogenic super fat like tallow…especially tallow!

And if you don’t know about tallow… Guuuuurrrl-come see about me and I’ll tell you!

This infused tallow bar is great for the face and the entire body!

zero-waste packaging.

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