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Spiced Juniper Beard Pomade (limited edition .5oz)

Spiced Juniper Beard Pomade (limited edition .5oz)

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Juniper berries are commonly known as being the flavoring for gin, but they have many other uses as well! Foraging for juniper berries is easy as juniper trees are fairly common. The first step in making a homemade beard balm is to make this juniper berry infused oil, first. And we did that back in December, remember? The “berries” of juniper trees are actually fleshy cones, not true berries at all, that are usually covered with a white powdery bloom. That bloom is yeast! Now, since our oil has infused for over three months…much longer than needed, but better for it, all the same, we can take it and turn it into a beard pomade just for you!



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