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Tallow Diaper Rash Cream (7oz Dairy Container)

Tallow Diaper Rash Cream (7oz Dairy Container)

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Whipped Tallow Diaper Rash Cream

Tallow can heal diaper rash very quickly even just by itself!

But we take our formula a step further to encourage prevention and healing for baby’s diaper area.

• Beeswax creates a waterproof barrier to keep moisture away from skin while it heals.
• A blend of baby safe, skin healing essential oils help to calm skin and heal it quickly. The essential oils also help to get rid of unwanted microbes.

note: When it comes to essential oils and babies, is definitely best to play it very safe. Only certain essential oils can be used on babies, and they must be diluted properly. We selected Roman Chamomile for our diaper rash cream. Not only is this oil relaxing and soothing to the senses, it is gentle enough for your sensitive baby.

Why avoid commercial diaper rash creams?
Commonly available commercial diaper rash creams contain some not so good ingredients. These can include include petroleum based oils, which actually promote inflammation and don’t help skin to heal. They can also contain things like medications, which we don’t really want on our baby’s skin. Remember how rapidly the skin absorbs anything that is put on it? This definitely goes for anything that is in a diaper rash cream.

Babies are so much smaller and more sensitive than we are. It’s especially important to be safe and only use completely natural ingredients on their skin.

Rather than grabbing a commercial diaper cream, it’s really easy to support a wholesome, farmsteaded, hand-crafted cream. This way, you’ll be healing your little one’s skin with nourishing, natural ingredients that are safe and very effective.

Things to know
I selected non nano zinc oxide. This is a safer choice than nano zinc oxide, because the particles are large enough to not be absorbed into the skin.

Let’s take a look at each of the ingredients, and how they work to heal diaper rash:
• Zinc oxide creates a barrier to keep moisture and irritants off of skin so that it can heal.
• Bentonite clay is healing, soothing, detoxifying, and antibacterial.
• Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties.
• 100% grass fed tallow is amazing for healing and soothing skin, and contains an abundance of skin friendly nutrients. It is also anti inflammatory and antimicrobial.
•. YL blend of essential oils, including Chamomile and lavender. This blend soothes baby’s bottom, while calming and lulling baby with the relaxing properties in the oil.
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