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Back-to-School/Starter Kit

Back-to-School/Starter Kit

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This kit is a great place to start to get a real feel for our intentionally crafted, small batch, sustainable skincare line that is created premium ingredients grown and raised on our farm!

You will receive this spacious, BLACK AND WHITE now woven zipper pouch, along with a goat milk lotion, Calendula healing ointment, our new goat milk and tallow pencil gloss, a compact mirror adorned with cottage charm (of course!), a goat milk travel soap choses at random and we’ll top it off with a special enamel pin!

So cute, right?!

This kit will supply everything you, or your student, needs to battle skin conditions like eczema and acne, heal minor cuts and scrapes, keep clean and moisturized, and look cute all the while living that crunchy life, guuuurrrrl!

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