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Calendula Infused Tallow Nipple Salve (2oz amber glass jar)

Calendula Infused Tallow Nipple Salve (2oz amber glass jar)

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grassfed tallow from our farm

cslnedula infused jojoba oil-cultivated and infused right  here

organic shea butter

organic coconut oil

organic vitamin e oil

Organic lanolin from our sheep (pesticide free!)


2oz amber glass jar

When I was having my children, folks used to say that women forget the pain of childbirth and also the pain that can accompany the first days or weeks of nursing a newborn.

Having had and nursed five children, I will attest that this “halo effect,” as it is sometimes called, is not true, at least for me. 🤣

I still cringe when I remember the sensation of a days-old baby latching on to nurse, and how nipples that started out tender quickly became painfully sore from the near-constant attention of a new infant with super-suckle powers.

I said it then, and it still holds true: a baby-safe nipple cream is a lifesaver.

I was lucky to know some amazing, seasoned women who had had lots of babies back in the days before bottle-feeding was even an option, so they knew some serious tricks that they taught me during my nursing days.

And now I’m here to pass some of those tricks down to you.

If you are using a good nipple cream and everything is going smoothly, your discomfort should decrease and then disappear altogether.

This soothing salve contains quick melting and fast absorbing butters so they melt into, and penetrate deeply into, the nipple tissue to quickly get to work and heal.

We use farm-raised, grassfed tallow that’s rendered on our farm. And our special leaf fat comes from just one source, right here.

We also cultivate the amazingly healing and anti-inflammatory miracle flower, Calendula, right here and infuse it into a high quality Jojoba oil.

And the lanolin, well you don’t have to worry about pesticides or chemicals in that, because the sheep we get our lanolin is our sheepie guy and he is as organic and crunchy as we are.

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