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Dandelion Infused Grapefruit Tallow Lotion Bars (2oz in black metal tin case)

Dandelion Infused Grapefruit Tallow Lotion Bars (2oz in black metal tin case)

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Now, before I show you how infuse our tallows, let’s cover some basics.

Remember, you can infuse tallow not just with dandelion oil, but with any oil you want to infuse on your homestead that you find beneficial to your own needs! This recipe is completely versatile!

We use our own beef fat that we render on the farm!

And I highly recommend sourcing a good quality, grass fed, leaf fat to begin with either from your own cows or a local farmer!

Also, let’s review the difference between salves and balms before we begin, too!

A balm is defined by adding a ratio of four parts oil/fat to one to two parts beeswax.

For this recipe, I added a bit more beeswax, closer to the two parts. Mainly because we’re making lotion bars, and it’s summer, and I want to make sure they hold their shape.

If you were to make just a tallow balm to pour into a jar, I would do the one part beeswax for a bit less of it, to make it more “scoopable”.

And now that I mentioning that, you could also whip this and make it into just a nice whipped lotion.

Ok, so today, we’re focusing on zero waste and package-free options. And that’s why I opted for a lotion bar.

But as you can see, and as you’ve learned along with me, a lot of these natural and holistic remedies are super versatile, and there’s not much difference from what makes something a bar or a lotion, or a balm, or a salve.

So I am here to inspire and get you started and you go from here!

So why dandelion infusions?

Well, firstly, we forage whatever is on our farm during that specific season. 

And for a bit more of this season, we’re in the dandelion and nettle season!

As an antibacterial, germicide and anti-fungal ingredient, dandelion detoxifies the skin, clears out pores, gets rid of acne and prevents acne breakouts in the future.

 It’s hard to find a product that works for acne-prone skin and so many other skin types, but the dandelion is a true miracle worker that way.

So it’s only natural to pair it with a non-comedogenic super fat like tallow…especially tallow!

And if you don’t know about tallow… Guuuuurrrl-come see about me and I’ll tell you!






2lbs grass fed tallow

8oz infused dandelion oil (jojoba, EVOO, macadamia nut oil, castor oil would all be some examples of good options!)

1.6oz-3.4oz beeswax

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