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Ditch Flower Forager Shirt (screen printed, custom design)

Ditch Flower Forager Shirt (screen printed, custom design)

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If you know us, you know how much we love ditch flowers! Come be a part of our club!

This new, entirely custom, WCF shirt is a special collab between us and Brain Flower Designs that was brought together to bring you a shirt that Tonya had envisioned.

Every local-to-Missouri “ditch flower” that Tonya forages, uses, and turn into remedies, salves, lotions, and soaps, are included on this beautiful shirt!

This shirt is available in one color…bulls blood…and was screenprinted by hand by Pine printing company and built to last.

There is not a lot of profit for us with these shirts. But more of a fun way to show support and share our farm with you. Your support helps us grow!

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