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Four Thieves Tincture (1oz glass dropper)

Four Thieves Tincture (1oz glass dropper)

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Extract dosages can be measured in drops, dropperfuls, milliliters (mL), teaspoons (Tsp), and "pumps" or "sprays".

  • A dropperful contains about 30 drops, or 1 mL.
  • 4 dropperfuls make up 3 mL, a common dosage of WCF
  • 7 pumps from our pump tops is equivalent to 3 mL.
  • One teaspoon (Tsp) is roughly equivalent to 5 mL.

The most commonly used dose for tinctures is 30-60 drops or 1-2 dropperfuls in an 8 OUNCE GLASS OF WATER. In general, the more acute a condition, the more frequent the doses. Safe dosage ranges are fairly broad with most, but not all, herbs.

We highly recommend that you use a good herbal reference and become familiar with the individual characteristics of the herbs you are using.

This tincture contains herb we grew or foraged ourselves and is set in an organic ACV. 

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