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Goat Milk Detox Bath (8oz/16oz)

Goat Milk Detox Bath (8oz/16oz)

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WCF Detox Bath Soak

I wanted to share something that we do in our household when our kids get vaccines. Also, detox baths can provide great relief when your kids are sick, you can also give them a detox bath regularly to boost their immune system!

Basically, a detox bath is a bath using simple yet detoxifying ingredients that your body absorbs and uses to flush out toxins.

If you vaccinate your kids, this is a great way to get all of those yucky ingredients used in vaccines that accumulate in the body and will stay there if nothing is done to expel them. Vaccines contain heavy metals like aluminium, monosodium, glutamate and thimerosal that can build up in our babies body systems. Detox baths contain negatively charged ions that help flush out heavy metals and other toxins away from the body!

Disclaimer: I do not feel there is a right or wrong answer to choosing to vaccine or not. And it’s a tough decision for many of us! We choose to vaccine our children and then we counter balance that with holistic healings practices, such as this bath!
(judgement free zone here!)

I can think of some other ladies that I have recently talked to that could benefit from a detox bath as well! Really, we all can! This is not just for babies and children, side note!

Instructions: Run a warm bath like you normally would and mix in the indredents into water. I like to mix it all in a bowl first with warm water so that it mixes completely before I pour it into the bath but honestly you can do it either way.
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