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Beard Oil (2oz)

Beard Oil (2oz)

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The Old Goat Beard Oil

I’ve been making this for my husband’s beard for quite some time, and he finally asked why I wasn’t incorporating it into my line. And he’s right! I don’t know why I haven’t! So I let him name it, and here we are!

The ingredient are simple, sustainable, and healthy! Not only does this beard oil make the man in your life’s beard shiny, soft, and smelling good-we use oils to treat and nourish the delicate skin underneath the beard, such as jojoba and St. John’s Wort; but we also fill this oil up full of YL essential oils to provide further medicinal opportunities for better health! And you know what?! His beard acts as a natural diffuser!

Unlike other products that are full of additives and toxins, you receive further health benefits just from breathing these oils and herbs in! How awesome is that?!

And ladies!!! Your husband’s beard oil makes for an excellent, natural fragrance to wear on your pressure points! So it’s not just for “him”!

This earthy, spicy blend contains:

Jojoba Oil
Hand-Infused St. John’s Wort Olive Oil
Black Pepper
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