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Herbal Smoking *Bundle* (2oz herbal smoking blend and natural wood pipe)

Herbal Smoking *Bundle* (2oz herbal smoking blend and natural wood pipe)

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Must be 18 years old or older!

Herbal smoking is an ancient practice deeply woven into the fabric of our cultures from our indigenous upbringing.

Taking part in herbal smoking, involves taking a moment for yourself, what we like to call "a mindful pause."

Our herbal blends (both as loose-leaf and pre-rolls) are making their debut selling offering, especially among people who need support when dealing with stressors of everyday life, seeking to leave the "hustle culture" mindset behind, and/or are in the process of quitting sticky habits like tobacco, or weaning off cannabis.

This lung and heart support blend includes herbs we’ve cultivated and foraged off of our farm. Mullein, mugwort, calendula, coneflower, and rose are found in this special blend.

This bundle includes on 2oz wood topped glass jar and natural wood smoking pipe.

Roll it up. Light it up. Smoke it up. At your leisure, as needed. 

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