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Infused Anointing Oil

Infused Anointing Oil

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We’ve hand an overwhelming response and request to make this available to fellow believers.

What an amazing thing to witness, it has been! Glory to God!

Please understand that there is no power in this oil, but in His name!!!! We do not make it holy. This oil is a tool to use to consecrate your faith and is between you and Jesus on how you use it.

I included my insight on anointing oil and I encourage you to read it, below. I even left the template if you’d like to make it yourself. But sometimes it’s just easier to support someone else, rather than buy all the individual ingredients. You make the best decision for yourself. We also included a prayer if you’d like to know what you could pray over your oil to use for anointing.

This listing is for one 4oz glass jar of infused oil. You may keep the ingredients inside the bottle or chose to strain into another. We encourage you to reuse the title and ingredients when done, by topping off with more oil, one more time before emptying.

It is not the exact recipe in exodus, and it is not an attempt of a recreation either. The ingredients are inspired by biblical herbs and plants that were used then. Even a nice extra virgin olive oil would work for an anointing oil. Let’s be real. But this is just lovely and special and really pulls on all the senses during prayerful time.

Lets talk about anointing oil and how to pray over it for use, how to store it, how to use it in prayer over yourself or your home and how I make ours.

Before I get into all of that I need to say this, anointing oil is a TOOL used by the Holy Spirit.  It is NOT the Holy Spirit. We use it on ourselves before we begin a fast, when we’re sick, to guard our home, when embarking on a new endeavor, and more.

There is no power in the oil, but in HIS NAME. Oil represents the power of the Holy Spirit and is a symbol of faith in God’s ability to cleanse and make holy. It is an act of consecrating your home to Him.

Therefore, if you don’t have anointing oil it is OK!  It is not God.  It is a tool used by God.  You don’t need to have a special anointing oil from Israel or have it prayed over by specific people to make it better. If you feel you can’t pray effectively without your anointing oil or that someone won’t get healed unless you use it, you may have turned it into an idol.  This is also never the intention of the Lord for using the anointing oil!

Scrilture citations:

The oil was used to anoint kings (1 Samuel 16:1)

It is an offering to God (Exodus 25:1-8)

Commissioning someone into their calling (Leviticus 8:30, Isaiah 61:1-3)

It is a symbol of imparting a blessing. If you see yourself being anointed in dreams or a vision you know God is imparting a blessing.  (Joel 1:10, Psalm 133)

It is used for Sanctification (Matthew 6:17)

It can be used for deliverance and healing (Mark 6:13, James 5:14)

It is used in worship (Mark 14:3-9)

Holy Anointing Oil used only for the Tabernacle and the Levites, it was prohibited to use this formula anywhere else.  (Meaning outside of believers and not for personal use, like deodorant) Exodus 30:22-33

NO SPECIAL OIL is REQUIRED as it is simply a way for believers to release their faith in the finished work of Christ. 

When you pray over or consecrate the oil, it is set apart and becomes anointing oil and it should be kept separately and only used for that once it’s been made holy 

Prayer Example:

Holy Spirit, I know that all power comes from You, every anointing comes from You.  I ask that You would bless this anointing oil for use as I pray over myself, my family, my friends, my home and others.  I pray that You would use it as an agent of Your love and mercy towards us. I’m doing this according to your Word in James 5:14 where You say that we should anoint with oil when we pray over the sick.  I also do this as a symbol of Your protection over my home and my family.  It is a representation of Your blood, Jesus, that covers. I know that this is completely powerless until You’ve rested on it and made it Holy.  So I am asking You to rest upon it and make it Holy. I’m setting it aside as consecrated and Holy only for Your work Lord.  I thank You for blessing it and enriching it with Your Spirit. Speak to me whenever You need me to use this oil. I pray that in the spiritual realm it is seen as a symbol of Your Presence, in Jesus name, Amen.

Here’s our recipe (more like a template) for a Liter of Anointing Oil:

1 large Sprig of Juniper

4 Cinnamon Sticks

A handful of Clove

1 Tablespoon of Myrrh

½ cup of dried Calamus Root

1 Tablespoon Gold Copal

½ Cup ground Cassia Seeds

100 drops frankincense 

Infuse into Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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