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Infused Herbal Tallow Tattoo Balm (large 4oz tin)

Infused Herbal Tallow Tattoo Balm (large 4oz tin)

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Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. If you can have some special, handmade items to use at the same time, all the better.

At this point, I have successfully gotten my entire personal care routine to include only products I can make myself. And, after a ton of trial and error and testing, I really do love all of the products. I’m so happy with how they work. And for me, and hopefully you too, I knew that I had to release a good tallow tattoo balm to heal up those tattoos naturally! 

This balm is not just healing, it’s also cooling and soothing and will accelerate healing and leave your skin feeling, and smelling, nice along the way!


I wanted something that could cool and soothe skin, while preventing any kind of razor burn or irritation. I chose a combination of aloe vera and witch hazel, along with a skin friendly oil and ttallow. Basically, the oil and tallow combination creates an emulsion with the aloe vera and witch hazel mixture.

Witch hazel and aloe vera are well known for their skin soothing properties. I really like how they make this lotion feel so cool and refreshing. It also does a great job preventing irritation and ingrown hairs. So this could double as an aftershave routine as well!

Lavender and tea tree are my personal essential oils of choice for this tattoo balm. I like them because they help to soothe skin and help prevent irritation and infections. They also smell really nice! I like to use mostly lavender with a very small amount of tea tree.


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