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Lip Service Moisturizing Salve (2oz tin)

Lip Service Moisturizing Salve (2oz tin)

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WCF Lip Service Vaginal & Vulvar Moisturizing Salve provides fast and long-lasting relief from the burning, itching & pain associated with vaginal atrophy, vaginal and vulvar dryness. It hydrates and rejuvenates, immediately alleviating dryness symptoms, then goes on to provide soothing moisture for long lasting relief.

  • Immediate relief from the dryness, pain, itching & burning associated with vaginal dryness.
  • All-natural ingredients attach to dry vaginal cells, so that it stays on (and inside) but is also easily washed off with water.
  • Delivers long-lasting, soothing moisture to keep vulvar & vaginal tissue hydrated, kicking discomfort, itchiness and burning to the curb.
  • Hormone-free, so there’s no potential for the associated side effects you get with hormonal solutions.

Just like regular moisturizing of your face and body helps prevent dryness from recurring, regular moisturizing of your vaginal tissues helps keep it hydrated and comfortable.

ingredients: calendula infused evoo, grass fed tallow, licorice root, prickly pear, vitamin E oil, hyaluronic acid, lavender, chamomile essential oil, frankincense essential oil, shea butter, beeswax from our hives

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