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Native Black Drawing Salve (3oz jar)

Native Black Drawing Salve (3oz jar)

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WCF Native Black Drawing Salve

Our Native Black Drawing Salve is a passed down recipe of our ancestors.
This large 2oz jar can be used to neutralize toxins and ease out splinters and other foreign objects that find their way under your skin. This salve can also help you survive by reducing inflammation from cactus spines, embedded glass shards, bee stings, tick bites, spider bites, thorns, and even ingrown hairs.

We’ve been using on our family, on our kids and with ourselves, for the past decade and we have seen so much healing accomplished with this salve!

This is just the right trick for splinters, especially! Slather it on, convert with a bandaid, and the splinter is gone the next day, without poking and fishing around for the splinter, itself!

We sure wish you could smell this through the screen, as the notes of clove, lavender, and rosemary come through nicely.

This listing is for one 2oz glass jar with screw top lid. Good for 12 months.
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