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Not Vegan (permanent TRANSFER sticker 2.5”)

Not Vegan (permanent TRANSFER sticker 2.5”)

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I thought I’d take a cleaver spin on the ever-popular “100% Vegan” slogan we see all the time…especially when it comes to skincare!

But I encourage you to explore more sustainable options!

Such as animal-based skincare where craft a quality skincare line from a couple ingredients that the animals and land have provided, rather than attempting to recreate the same thing, using MORE ingredients, often toxic, all to call it “vegan”.

And not only that, skincare that comes from milks and fats are more closely related to our biological makeup up, meaning our skin knows exactly what to do with it, drinks it right in, and puts it right to work.

Leaving you with skincare that not only feels good, but also nourishes and soothes and treats your precious skin.

So I also wanted a sticker that shows off what we do and who are, in a cute and fun way!

So here we are! @brainflowerdesigns did it again and helped me put into production this adorable little sticker! 💕

**this listing is for ONE 2.5” permanent TRANSFER sticker that has double sided adhesives for transfer. Gently peel back off first, apply to surface, and then peel front off.

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